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  • Clean K1 26'' Carbon Bike Clean K1 26'' Carbon Bike
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    CLEAN 7.68Kg
    Clean K1 26'' Carbon Bike

    Revolution. That’s the word that defined the new Clean K1 26”, the first 26” bike by Clean with a carbon fibre frame: the new Clean K1, which only weighs 1080g! Based around the exceptional X2 design and tested for months by Vincent Hermance and Gilles Coustellier, the K1 is a cutting-edge, unique bike, built with Clean’s best components...

    2 271,90€
  • Clean X2 26'' WC Edition Bike Clean X2 26'' WC Edition Bike
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    CLEAN 8.55Kg
    Clean X2 26" WC Edition 2019

    The new Clean X2 26” WC Edition is the top of the range 26” aluminium bike made by Clean. The X2 frame has been updated and now features a hydro formed downtube, which provides extra stiffness and strength. Furthermore, it’s built with the best Clean parts, like the new carbon fibre handlebar and fork, asymmetric Press-Fit BB30 3P bottom bracket, 2-wheel...

    1 817,36€
  • Jitsie Race 26” Nicolas Vallée Replica Bike Jitsie Race 26” Nicolas Vallée Replica Bike
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    JITSIE 8.2Kg
    Jitsie Race 26” Nicolas Vallée Replica Bike

    Jitsie Race 26” Nicolas Vallée’s replica trials bike. Built with the same components as Nicolas Vallée’s bike: Jitsie Race HS brakes, Jitsie carbon handlebar, 1.8mm spokes… And it features a special Nicolas Vallée Replica finish!

    1 528,93€
  • Saw 26'' Trials Bike Saw 26'' Trials Bike
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    SAW 9.9Kg
    Saw 26'' Trials Bike

    Frame and forks

    1 066,12€
  • Echo Ti 26'' Bike
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    ECHO 8.62Kg
    Echo Ti 26'' Bike

    The new Echo Ti 26” bike is the ideal 26” option for those riders that want a high-end bike that also has an affordable price. It’s built with ultra-light titanium bolts, titanium freewheel, titanium pedals, butted spokes, the new Echo TR 2016 brakes, titanium bottom bracket, the new Echo Urban Tapered 2016 fork… And furthermore, it features CNC-machined...

    1 066,12€
  • Bicicleta Comas R1 26" Bicicleta Comas R1 26"
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    COMAS 8.495Kg
    Comas R1 26” Bike

    The Comas R1 26" 2019 trials bike using the best Comas parts, ultra-light and high quality: Comas tapered fork, Comas high-rise handlebar, Comas sealed hubs and multiple CNC machined parts. 

    1 061,98€
  • Echo Mk6 Plus 26" Bike Echo Mk6 Plus 26" Bike
    In stock
    ECHO 8.9Kg
    Echo Mk6 Plus 26" Bike

    The new Echo Lite Mk6 Plus 26” bike delivers the best value for money of the market. Featuring a new tapered head tube, sprung tensioner, built-in CNC brake booster and reliable, lightweight parts. This is a versatile, affordable bike ideal for beginners as well as experienced riders.

  • Echo Pure 26" Bike Echo Pure 26" Bike
    In stock
    ECHO 9.18Kg
    Echo Pure 26" Bike