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  • INSPIRED 10.6Kg
    Inspired Fourplay Team 24" Bike

    The Inspired Fourplay Team 24” is the top of the range Inspired Fourplay 24” bike. It’s built with some of the best parts for street trials: Hope Pro 4 hubs, Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone disc brakes, Truvativ Descendant cranks, Inspired Team V2 rims… built around the most popular street trials frame: the Inspired Fourplay 24” frame.

    2 123,97€
  • INSPIRED 11.06Kg
    Inspired Fourplay Pro 24" Bike

    If you’re looking for a high-end street trials bike at the best price, the Inspired Fourplay Pro 24” is made for you! Using the legendary Inspired Fourplay 24” street trials frame, developed by Danny MacAskill, and featuring high-quality street trials parts: Magura MT4 disc brakes, Maxxis Holy Roller tyres, Inspired Pro rims…

    1 611,57€
  • JITSIE 9.53Kg
    Jitsie Varial 24" Hybrid Bike

    The Jitsie Varial Hybrid bike is Jitsie’s 24” bike developed for bike trials and Street trials! Its hybrid geo and functional design, which admits the use of a saddle (included), make this a versatile bike, which you can ride in a trial and on the streets!

  • CZAR 9.96Kg
    Czar Ion 24” Bike

    If youre looking for a Street Trials bike with unbeatable value for money, youve just found it! The Czar Ion 24 bike is built with the most reliable, durable components to achieve the perfect balance between high strength and low weight.Featuring multiple CNC-machined parts, sealed bottom bracket and headset, disc brakes, 108.9 freewheel the streets are...

  • ECHO 8.78Kg
    Echo Mark V 24'' Bike

    When it comes to value for money, the new Echo Mark V 24” bike is unbeatable! Built with high quality components, like the Echo TR 108.9 freewheel, Echo SL single-wall rims, the new Echo TR 2016 brakes or the new Echo SL fork… You can’t get more for less!

  • Ozonys Skill Bike 24'' Ozonys Skill Bike 24''
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    OZONYS 9.8Kg
    Ozonys Skill Bike 24''

    Frame and fork

    785,12€ 1 033,06€ -247,94€