Disc brakes act on a rotor to stop the wheel. They can be hydraulic (a fluid transfers pressure) or mechanic (a cable moves the pads), but you’ll only find hydraulic disc brakes on our website.

Disc brakes need very little maintenance compared to rim brakes. Moreover, they allow for progressive braking instead of On-Off. However, the rotor is exposed to being hit and damaged, therefore it’s recommended to install a disc protector (available in our Disc Protectors section) for the rear brake.

Key points:

· Type of mounts: the most popular is Post Mount (the caliper sits onto the frame/fork mounts), but IS mounts are common too (the caliper bolts sideways onto the mounts).

· Type of fluid: it can be mineral or DOT. Each frame uses its own type of fluid: never bleed the brake with another type of fluid!