Rim brake pads are the part in touch with the rim during braking. That’s why it’s essential to make sure they don’t get contaminated with oil or dirt.

The choice of pads depends on whether the rim is ground or not. With a smooth rim, it’s easier to modulate power, but performance is very poor in dusty or wet conditions. That’s why most riders choose to grind the rim, increasing performance in all conditions. Pads designed for smooth rims are considerably softer, therefore they mustn’t be used with ground rims.

Key points:

· Compatibility: some pads are only compatible with a particular cylinder, like Echo pads, that’s why they must be chosen carefully. · I want the best pads available, which one is it? The most popular rim brake pads all around the world are Coustellier pads, but there are top-quality alternatives like Jitsie, Trialtech, TNN, etc.