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Clean X1 V4 20" Frame

  • The Clean Trials 20" frame is available in 2 versions.
  •  ✅ 970 mm wheelbase: Ideal for riders up to 1.60 m (12-14 years old).
  •  ✅ 1010 mm wheelbase:  Ideal for riders from 1.60 m (>14 years old).

Description and materials
- The new Clean X1 20" frame still keep the style of the previous editions of the X1 frame, optimizing tube thicknesses to increase strength and reliability, and introducing a new, spectacular finish.
- Made from 6061-T6 aluminium alloy, with 7075-T6 machining in order to achieve the perfect balance between low weight and high strength.
- Features a tapered headtube, for 1 1/8” – 1,5” integrated headsets.
- The headtube has two large holes that remove unnecessary material.
- Each one of the main tubes is gusseted to the head tube in order to increase this critical area’s strength and stiffness.
- Threaded 68 mm wide BB tube, with mounts for the new 2-piece Clean mini bashplate.
- The seat stays are joined to the top tube with a gusset, similar to a brake booster, essential to avoid rear-end flexion.
- Contoured chain and seat stays provide extra clearance to prevent tyre or crank rubbing.
- The chain stays are joined together with a reinforcement tube that increases this area’s stiffness.
- Integrated Post Mount disc brake mounts on the left dropout, machined in one piece and designed to ensure top strength and durability.
- Features vertical dropouts and uses a double-wheel sprung tensioner (not included with the frame). Thanks to this system, the wheel is always placed in the exact same position.
- With the double-wheel tensioner, you can adjust the chain tension directly and instantly, without needing to loosen the hub bolts or moving the wheel.
- The inner sides of the dropouts have large machined pockets that remove unnecessary material to save some weight.
- The right dropout has a place to install the chain tensioner, which is kept in place with an M5x16mm slave bolt.

The 7 Compatibility Keys

Below you can find the main details you need to consider when installing different components on this frame:

- 1) Headset. Since the headtube on this frame is tapered, with 1 1/8” top and 1,5” bottom diameters, it’s compatible with 1 1/8” – 1,5” tapered forks. If you’d like to use a standard 1 1/8” diameter fork, you can install an adaptor for the bottom cup, as in the one supplied with Clean’s 1 1/8” – 1,5” tapered headset, available on our catalogue.

- 2) Bashplate. This frame has 4-bolt bashplate mounts on the bottom bracket shell. Due to the spacing between mounts, it’s compatible with the 2-piece Clean Light or similar bashplates.

- 3) Bottom Bracket. A threaded BB with standard 1.37”x24tpi thread must be used, therefore any traditional or BB30 threaded BBs can be used (Try-All, Hashtagg, etc.).

In order to prevent the cranks from rubbing the seat stays, which may happen due to varying crank offsets for each model, it’s recommended to install a 127.5 mm or 128 mm wide bottom bracket.

- 4) Rear Brake. This frame has Post Mount rear disc brake mounts, so be sure to use a rear brake of that type. Post Mount brake calipers sit onto the brake mounts, instead of sideways (as is the case on IS calipers).

- 5) Chain tensioner. This frame features double-wheel chain tensioner mounts, so other additional tensioners aren’t needed.

- 6) Rear hub. Since this frame features double-wheel chain tensioner mounts, a 116 mm wide rear hub must be used. In case you’d like to install a rear hub with 110 mm spacing (common in most 20” bikes that use snail cams), then you must add 3 mm spacers to each side of the hub, in order to result in the total of 116 mm this frame requires.
Also, since this frame only has disc brake mounts, the rear hub must feature disc brake mounts too.

- 7) Fork. The steerer tube on your fork must be long enough so that at least 2 mm of it remain above the top bolt of your stem’s steerer tube clamp.
To ensure this, you must add the length of the headtube (120 mm for this frame), plus the cups bits that sit outside the headtube, plus the headset spacers (if any) and/or dust cover sitting under the stem, plus the length of your stem’s steerer tube clamp. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be ready to know if your fork is long enough so that at least 2 mm of it remain above the top bolt of your stem’s steerer tube clamp.

(measured with a 370 mm x 40º fork)
- Space between dropouts: 120 mm
- Bottom bracket shell: 91 mm
- Head tube length: 120 mm, 1 1/8” – 1,5” tapered

- Wheelbase: 970 mm o 1010 mm
- Chainstay Length: 355 mm
- BB Rise: +87 mm
- Head Angle: 72º

- Blue finish, with Clean graphics in white.

- 1.520 Kg (970 version) and 1.560 Kg (1010 version) Verified by TrialBikes.

BRAKE MOUNTS Post Mount Disc
TYPE OF HEADSET Tapered 1 1/8 - 1.5"

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