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Comas Rear Disc Freehub 116/120mm





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Comas Rear Disc Freehub 116/120 mm

- Revolutionary trials freehub from Comas, specifically developed for bike trials.
- The main update is its freehub design: this hub integrates a rotation mechanism, as commonly seen in front freewheels until now.
- This allows for a huge advantage: when the bike gets moving, the chain doesn’t move, which removes its rolling resistance, therefore the bike rolls much more freely.
- When installing this hub, you no longer need a freewheel: you only need a rear fixed sprocket and a front fixed sprocket.
- Compatible with trials frames with 116 mm spacing and 12 mm diameter through-axle. Can also be installed on 120 mm Clean frames, using the 2 spacers, 4 mm each (supplied with the hub).
- Very high quality construction, with 4 replaceable sealed bearings that ensure unmatched reliability and durability under any conditions.
- The hub has a removable core and an internal mechanism consisting of 6-pawl that operate in groups of 2 on a toothed crown with 54 ratchet. As a result, 108 engagement points are generated for each complete turn of the hub, and a total of 162 engagement points are achieved for each turn of the crank (with an 18:12 development).

- Hollow axle made of 7075-T6 aluminium alloy, designed to fit a 12 mm through-axle.
- The hub flanges have machined edges between the spoke holes, removing unnecessary weight without reducing strength.
- Standard 6-bolt IS rotor mounts.
- 32 spoke holes (32 H).
- Includes a 5 mm thick Lock-Ring made of 7075-T6 aluminium alloy to keep the rear sprocket in place. It is fitted using a specific Shimano tool, available separately.
- Does not include a rear sprocket. A 7 mm wide Comas splined sprocket must be used, as available separately on our website here.
- Supplied without a through-axle. A Clean through-axle can be installed, available separately on our website.

- Trials frames with 116 mm spacing designed to fit a 12 mm through-axle: Comas Race bikes and those with identical dimensions.
- In order to use this freehub on a Clean 120 mm frame:

  • Use the two 4 mm-thick spacers on the disc side (supplied with the hub), or simply replace them with the Clean X3 disc protector if using it.

- Rims with 32 spoke holes (32 H).
- Rotors with 6-bolt IS mounts.

Note: Not compatible with Crewkerz frames or any frame with 135mm spacing

Dimensions and specifications
- Axle spacing: 112 mm. Includes a 4 mm spacer to obtain the total 116 mm spacing.
- Diameter for through-axle: 12 mm
- Spacers (ends): 10.5 mm thick, 15 mm outside diameter
- Spoke holes: 32 (32 H)
- Flanges diameter. 61 mm
- Distance between flanges: 52 mm
- Cassette thread diameter: 35 mm
- Cassette thread width: 10.5 mm
- Bearings specifications:

  • Number of bearings: 4 units
  • Inner axle bearings specs.: 2x Takino 6902 2RS 15 mm (1x drive side, 1x non-drive side)
  • Rotative mechanism bearings specs.: 1x Takino 15267 RS (inside), 1x Takino 6902 2RS (outside).

- Anodized black, with white laser etched Comas logo.


- 299.36 g (does not include a sprocket or through-axle).

Weight comparison vs. Standard front freewheel setup

At TrialBikes we have compared the standard front freewheel setup with the rear freehub setup, using this Comas rear freehub and aluminium Comas sprockets. The final weight is lower using this rear freehub setup:

  • Comas rear freehub + Comas 18-teeth front sprocket: 324.10 g
  • Clean X3 rear hub + 18-teeth front freewheel: 355.48 g
SPOKE HOLES 32 spokes

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