The frame is the core of a bike, that’s why it’s essential to know its geometry and weight in order to build a bike that suits the rider’s needs. Each frame has its own characteristics (rim or disc brake mounts, Post Mount or IS disc mounts, Spanish or threaded BB, etc.), so special attention must be paid when choosing a frame and its components.

Key points:

· Frame size: the standard sizes are 20”, 24” and 26”, even though there are smaller sizes (kids 16”, 18”, etc.). Even though 20” has been the traditional size, 24” and 26” frames are a great option for bigger riders or for those who want a smooth transition between their MTB/road bikes and the trials bike.

· Brake mounts: frames have rim brake mounts (V-Brake or 4-bolt) and/or disc mounts (IS or Post Mount).

· BB type: it can be threaded or other type (Spanish, BB30, AS30…).

· Chain tensioner: most frames use snail cams, but sprung and integrated chain tensioners are growing in popularity.