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Crewkerz AS30 Crankset For Bike Trials

Crewkerz AS30 bike trials crankset, composed of a bottom bracket, cranks and bashring. Compatible with Crewkerz, Clean and those frames that require a AS30 BB (also known as PressFit BB30).

Description and materials
- New Crewkerz AS30 crankset, consisting of a bottom bracket, cranks and bashring.
- PressFit system: the cups are pressed into the frame’s BB tube (instead of being threaded onto it), and then the AS30 axle and bearings are installed.
- It’s a 2-piece system: the right cranks is attached to the axle permanently, whereas the lft crank can be attached/removed with 2 radial bolts.
- This allows for more efficient power transmission, a stiffer drivetrain and easier life for the bearings.
- The axle is made of ultra-light 7075-T6 aluminium alloy and it is 30mm in diameter.
- 46mm cups, made from high quality 7075-T6 aluminium alloy.
- Each crank has been completely forged in high quality 7075-T6, and feature a large pocket at the back of the arm to remove unnecessary material.
- The axle has standard Shimano HG splines for the freewheel, without threads, which allows you to install and remove the freewheel much more easily than traditional threaded freewheels.
- Includes a Crewkerz AS30 bashring in 170mm and 175mm version only. 
- Two options available: 160mm and 165mm long (best for 20” bikes), 170mm and 175mm long (best for 26” bikes).

When installing this crankset, follow the steps below:
1. Install the BB cups into the frame, applying some grease onto the tube beforehand.

2. Insert the freewheel (not supplied with this kit). In case you don’t want to run a bashring, a 3mm spacer must be added between the right crank and freewheel.

3. Install the axle + right crank, applying some grease onto the bearings contact surface. It’s important to introduce the axle from the right, so that the right end has the freewheel splines.

4. Install the left crank, by tightening its 2 M6x20mm radial bolts.
5. Finally, tighten the threaded end cap for the left crank.

- 1x Crewkerz AS30 bottom bracket with right crank permanently attached
- 1x Crewkerz AS30 left crank
- 2x 46mm-diameter aluminium cups
- 2x 30mm-diameter NBK 6806RS bearings
- 2x M6x20mm bolts for the left crank
- 1x M17x12mm threaded end cap for the left crank
- 1x Crewkerz AS30 bashring. (Not included in 160/165mm version)

Compatible with:
- Crewkerz frames designed for AS30 BBs.
- Clean frames designed for PressFit BB30 BBs (requiring some spacers).
- Shimano HG splined freewheels, like Bonz Pro Light, Clean, Crewkerz, etc.

- Length: 160mm, 165mm, 170mm and 175mm
- Cups diameter: 46mm
- Axle diameter: 30mm

- Bearings reference: NBK 6806RS.

- Black axle and cups.
- Anodized black cranks, with white, red and grey Crewkerz AS30 graphics.
- Anodized red bashring and threaded end cap (160mm version) and anodized black (165mm, 170mm and 175mm).

- 570.90g(160mm), 595.16g (165mm), 588.06g (170mm) y 614.42g (175mm) + 14.92g (bashring) +76g (bottom brackets cups) + 8.30g (bolts).

LENGTH 175mm
LENGTH 160mm

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