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Crossbow Disc Protector

- Crossbow disc protector, specifically designed for BikeTrial.
- Made from high quality 7075 T6 aluminium.
- With this simple part, which goes inserted between the hub and frame, you can now protect your rotor from impacts and accidental collisions.
- With this new, super-light protector, the nightmare of bent disc rotors will be a thing of the past.
- Ultra light, neat 4mm thick design, for using with 10mm axles in diameter.
- Compatible with 160mm rotors.
- Please note: check the Installation guide for more info. The disc-side hub spacer must be shortened 4mm, which is the thickness of the Crossbow disc protector.
Also, you can remove the disc-side hub spacer and then insert a 4mm washer so that the the total thickness is the same as before.

Installation guide
1. Remove the rear wheel.
2. Measure the total thickness of the hub spacer.
3. Replace the hub spacer with the protector and add some washers (as many as needed) between hub and protector so that the total thickness is the same as before. It mustn’t be direct contact between hub and protector.
4. Install your wheel back.

- Length (from axle hole to end): 90mm
- Thickness: 4mm

- Anodised matt black finish
- Silver laser etched Crossbow logo

- 18.52g (160mm version)

Important note: Some hubs have a thinner spacer than the 3mm-thick protector. Therefore, if the protector was to be inserted between frame and hub, the protector is not suitable for these hubs. However, if it was to be inserted outside the frame, the protector might suit, so please contact us to ensure it will work fine.

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