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CX-RAY Sapim Spokes

Description and materials
- Sapim CX-Ray spokes for bicycles are the version with more lightness and endurance from the prestigious brand of Belgium.
- Ideals for most cycling disciplines.
- Aero design, with 2mm thick ends and 0,9mm thick middle section, therefore saving quite a lot of weight of the wheels.
- Made of high-quality stainless steel (AISI 302).
- Strength on middle section is 1600 N/mm2, more than enough to guarantee the best performance.
- Please note: due to the thin middle section, only experienced wheel builders should mount up wheels with these spokes.
- Nipples not included; we recommend using 2mm nipples, which you can find here.
- Sold singly, just choose the number of spokes you need!
- Finished in black.

- 14G
- Long: 261 mm, 268 mm, 270 mm.
- Diameter: 2,0 - (0,9x2,2) - 2,0 mm.
Radios Sapim CX-RAY

Spokes used in the Clean K1 2022 26” Bike
- Front Wheel: Clean HS X2 / X3 Front Hub, Clean Trials Pro 26” rim: 261mm.
-Rear Wheel: Clean HS X2 / X3 Rear Hub, Clean Trials Pro 26” rim: 268mm and 270mm.

- 4,30g (261mm), 4,52g (268mm), 4,56g (270mm).

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