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Cyclo Spoke Thread Rolling Machine

Handy tool used to repair or re-thread spokes, manufactured by renowned brand Cyclo.

- Ideal to re-thread a damaged spoke, making it work smoothly again without needing to replace it.
- Made of super strong, durable hardened tool steel.
- The rolling heads in this tool cover 14 gauge spokes.
- Check the Operating Instructions to use this tool correctly. A user’s guide is also included.
- Included the rolling head for 14 gauge spokes.

Operating Instructions
To re-thread a spoke, follow the steps below:
          1) Fit the correct size rolling head to the machine by placing it over the shaft and tightening the grub screw with an Allen key.
           2) Withdraw the shaft until the rolling head butts up to the tool, and slacking off the wing nut ready for inserting the spoke.
          3) It’s recommended to prepare the spoke by grinding a chamfer onto the tip. Lift the wing nut and washer, and secure the nut in place by tightening it. To ensure the rollers rotate freely, apply a small amount of oil or cutting fluid.
          4) Make sure the spoke can pass through the rollers, and then tighten the adjustment nut a quarter of a turn at a time, until the spoke can no longer pass through the rollers.
          5) Applying a gentle forward pressure to the handle, rotate continuously until the required length of thread is applied. Reverse the handle rotation to back the rolling head from the spoke.
          6) This may only have rolled a light thread onto the spoke. If so, repeat steps 4) and 5) until a deep thread is rolled, tightening 1/4 of a turn at a time. Be careful not to overtighten the rolling heads, this may cause the rollers to jam, and roll an incorrect thread formation.

- Available in silver

- 667.26 g

Additional Information
You can watch this video too to check every step:

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