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Description and materials
- New, high quality Echo TR Splined ISIS-type cranks manufactured by renowned Asian brand Echo.
- Each crank has been forged and then CNC’d from 6061-T6 aluminium alloy.
- The pedals and BB threads are made on a high-accuracy CNC machine, in order to ensure a high quality standard.
- Large recesses both at the outer and inner side of the crank arm help remove any excess material without decreasing its strength.
- These are splined cranks, therefore the freewheel/sprocket is not screwed onto it, but pressed into the special Echo’s own splines.
- Compatible with standard ISIS bottom brackets.
- These cranks have a 37mm offset, which helps prevent them from rubbing against the seat stays or rim brake cylinders.
- Available in 160mm or 170mm.
- Available in sand blasted black, with white Echo TR graphics.

- These cranks have Echo’s own splines for the freewheel/sprocket, therefore they are only compatible with Echo Splined freewheels and sprockets.
- Not compatible with any other cassette-type or screw-on sprockets/freewheels.

- Length: 160mm or 170mm
- Offset: 37mm

- Available in sand blasted black, with white Echo TR graphics.

- 460g (160mm), 477g (170mm)

WEIGHT 0.460
LENGTH 640mm
LENGTH 160mm
LENGTH Greater than 160mm
LENGTH 680mm
LENGTH 170mm
LENGTH 120mm - 160mm
LENGTH 720mm
LENGTH 162mm
LENGTH 140mm
LENGTH 740mm
LENGTH 580mm
LENGTH 158mm
LENGTH 130mm
LENGTH 660mm
LENGTH 165mm
LENGTH Smaller than 120mm
LENGTH 700mm
LENGTH 175mm
LENGTH 127mm
LENGTH 730mm
LENGTH 172mm
LENGTH 152mm
LENGTH 750mm
I see you are out of the Echo TR splined 170mm ISIS cranks. Is there any other crank that is similar that would fit one my 2019 Czar Ion. Thanks Keith
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