Hope Tech 3 Easy Bleed Kit Expand

Hope Tech Easy Bleed Kit



Bleed kit for Hope Tech 3 disc brakes. Includes all accessories required to bleed Hope disc brakes with Tech 3 brake lever quickly and easily.

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Model .
 Hope Tech 3
 Hope Tech 4
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Hope Tech Trial Zone Bleed Kit

Description and materials
- Bleed kit for Hope Tech 3 disc brakes.
- Available in 2 versions: for Hope Tech 3 and Hope Tech 4 brakes.
- Includes all necessary accessories to bleed the brake system and the instruction manual.
- Note: we recommend following Hope’s official bleeding process, which you can watch here.

- 1x Hope funnel, machined aluminium.
- 1x Hope plunger, machined aluminium.
- 1x Hope cover, machined aluminium, with 2 bolts and seal.
- 1x Hope clamping ring.
- 1x Hope 50cm transparent hose.
- 1x Bottle of DOT 5.1 brake fluid, 250ml.

Hope part number
- Hope Tech 3: HTTEBK1
- Hope Tech 4: HTTEBK4

Additional information
When bleeding Hope brakes, DOT 4 or DOT 5.1 brake fluid must be used. Mineral brake fluid must not be used.

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