Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone Purple Edition Disc Brake Expand

Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone Purple Edition Disc Brake



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Description and materials
- Special Purple edition of the popular Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone disc brake, consisting of a Hope Tech 3 brake lever and Hope Trial Zone caliper.
- Now, the connection between caliper and hose is now located on the inner side, so it’s protected against obstacles or feet.
- Another update is the caliper design, which now features an integrated flank that helps protect the hose even more.
- Both the lever and caliper are CNC-machined from a single piece of 2014-T6 aluminium alloy, to ensure maximum finishing quality.
- The Tech 3 lever allows you to adjust independently both the lever reach and the bite point by turning the aluminium dials on the lever.
- It also offers 5% more power compared to previous levers.
- 2-bolt split bar clamp, which allows the lever to be installed without removing the grips.
- The lever blade is joined to the lever by an aluminium pivot bolt, with Permaglide bushings that prevent play from developing in this area.
- Furthermore, the lever blade is drilled so that it provides increased grip, and also helps remove some unnecessary weight.
- Hope Trial Zone caliper, which uses 25mm diameter pistons to provide unrivaled braking performance.
- The pad retention pin uses a thread, to keep the pads in place more securely, and with a Circlys clip.
- Includes Hope Trial Zone disc brake pads, already installed in the caliper, with pin and Circlys clip.
- Post Mount disc brake mounts, compatible with most bike trials frames from recent years.
- PVC hose, 94.5cm long (front) or 172cm long (rear), which helps save up to 100g off the bike when compared to a braided hose.
- Available as a front or rear brake.

- Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone disc brake.
- Hope Trial Zone disc brake pads, already installed, including pin and Circlys clip.
- PVC hose, 94.5cm long (front) or 172cm long (rear).
- 2x M5x12mm aluminium bolts for the handlebar clamp.
- 2x M6x17mm steel bolts for the caliper.
- 1x Brass washer.
- 1x Brass olive.
- 1x Brass barbed fitting.
- Does not include a disc brake rotor.

- Anodized purple, with silver laser-etched Hope Tech 3 and Trial Zone graphics on lever and caliper, respectively.

- 250.88g (front) and 276.16g (rear)

TYPEPost Mount
OPTIONRight Hand

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