Crewkerz Waw Tapered 26” Carbon Fork Expand

Crewkerz Waw Ultimate 26" Carbon Fork



  • DISC (Steerer tube length: 190 mm)
  • HS (Steerer tube length: 180 mm)


Versión .
 DISC (Steerer tube length: 190 mm)
 HS (Steerer tube length: 180 mm)
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Crewkerz Waw Ultimate 26" Carbon Fork

Crewkerz Waw Tapered 26” high-end carbon trials fork. This carbon fork is a pioneer in introducing the front thru-axle in bike trials, and it’s been tested and developed by Jack Carthy: this is the most advanced carbon trials fork in the world!

Description and materials
- High-end Crewkerz Waw Tapered 26” bike trials carbon fork, currently used by UCI Trials World Champion Jack Carthy.
- 100% exclusive design by Crewkerz, featuring closed dropouts to fit a 9 mm diameter thru-axle.
- Made of high-modulus carbon fibre for the best performance and ultra-light weight.
- Tapered steerer tube, with 1 1/8” diameter at the top and 1.5” diameter at the bottom.
- The steerer tube is made of 4 mm-thick Kevlar, and it comes reinforced with an internal aluminium tube.
- Also features an aluminium insert that removes the need for a star nut.
- The steerer tube features a 45º integrated crown race recess, so there is no need to install one.
- Two versions available:
· 4-bolt version, with rim brake mounts spaced at 92 mm at the back of the legs.
· Post Mount disc version, with the mounts integrated onto the left dropout.
- Brake mounts in the 4-bolt version are integrated in the legs (instead of protruding from the legs as in other forks). This improves strength and stiffness considerably while braking.
- Moreover, the brake mounts are integrated in the legs (instead of protruding from the legs as in other forks). This improves strength and stiffness considerably while braking.
- Features a hose guide with bolt at the back.
- Closed dropouts spaced at 100 mm, designed for a 9 mm diameter thru-axle.
- Sold singly.

Compatible with:
- Frames with tapered 1 1/8” – 1.5” head tube.
- Front hubs with 9 mm diameter thru-axle and 100 mm spacing.
- Note: in case you’d like to install this fork on a frame with 1 1/8” head tube, an adaptor must be used.

- Important: The version with the 180 mm Steerer tube length corresponds to the year 2024 and comes standard on the Crewkerz Jealousy Ultimate 2024 bikes. If you intend to use this fork on an older model frame, it's important to note that you'll need to adjust the height by removing 10 mm, which can be achieved by removing the headset spacers.


(1) Length: 405 mm.
(2) Offset: +35 mm.
(3) Steerer tube length: 180 mm or 190 mm (depending on the version).

- Steerer tube thickness: 4 mm.
- 4 bolts mounts spacing: 93 mm.

Geometrias horquillas de trial bici

- Matt black, with white and grey Crewkerz graphics.

- 524.42 g (disc version) and 541.90 g (HS version).

- 523.28 g (HS version, 180 mm Steerer tube length), 524.42 g (disc version) and 541.90 g (HS Version,190 mm Steerer tube length).

BRAKE MOUNTS Post Mount Disc
STEERER TUBE Tapered 1 1/8” - 1.5”

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