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Description and materials
- New single-walled 18” rim developed by innovative Belgian brand Jitsie, specialized in bike and moto trials components.
- This is a unique rim that thanks to its 18” size is ideal for the kids.
- Can be used on bikes that require 18” rims, and also on standard 20” forks/frames (with disc brakes).
- Completely made from 6061-T6 aluminium alloy, which provides exceptional properties for a durable, reliable rim.
- Deep I-beam extrusion increases sidewall stiffness considerably while braking.
- Larger sidewalls and superior stiffness ensure top braking performance when used with rim brakes.
- 32mm wide, this guarantees unmatchable stability, even at the lowest pressures.
- Super light single-walled construction, with customized CNC-machined holes that help save a good few grams without compromising its strength.
- Large sidewalls (12mm) ensure more than enough room for the pad and offer a better braking performance.
- Features a special heat treatment that improves braking performance, so it’s ideal for using with rim brakes.
- Two versions available: with 28 spoke holes (28H), or with 32 spoke holes (32H) orientated on the rim sides, great to use shorter spokes and therefore make an easier, stronger and stiffer wheel build.
- Available in anodized black finish, with silver Jitsie sticker artwork around the valve hole.

- Since this rim’s size is 18”, it can only be used with rim brakes on those frames specifically designed for this wheel size. However, it can be used with disc brakes on most 20” frames.

- 18 inches
- 32mm wide
- Ø 343mm in internal diameter(ERD)
- Spoke holes: 28 (28H) or 32 (32H)

- Available in anodized black finish, with silver Jitsie sticker artwork around the valve hole.

- 320.30g (28 agujeros) and 326.32g (32 agujeros)

WEIGHT 0.320

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