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Jitsie’s hydraulic fitting press allows you to easily install a barbed or threaded fitting on the hydraulic brake hose.

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Jitsie Hydraulic Fitting Press

Description and materials
- Hydraulic fitting press developed by Belgian brand Jitsie.
- Allows for an easy installation of the appropriate connector on almost any hydraulic brake hose.
- The tool body is CNC machined from high quality aluminium alloy.
- Thanks to the two threaded levers and built-in guide, the process is done easily, quickly and precisely.
- This tool has 2 different positions for the adaptor: one is used for rim brake hoses and the other for disc brake hoses (check the How to use section for more details).

How to use
- We recommend following the steps below:
1. Choose the correct side of the adaptor for the required application and install it into position inside the tool.
2. Mount the nut and olive on the brake hose if you’re using it to build a disc brake hose.
3. Place the brake hose in the clamp and make sure it’s firmly kept in place by tightening the lever.
4. Place the pin or fitting in position and start to press it into the brake hose using the main lever.
5. Press the pin or fitting slowly into the brake hose and make sure the hose is not twisting while applying pressure.
6. When the pin or fitting is in the correct position, release the clamp. Done!

Compatible with:
- Hope disc brake hose (choose the pin side of the adaptor).
- Rim brakes from Clean, Echo, Racing Line, Hashtagg, Trialtech, Magura HS33 2005 and similar versions (choose the non-pin side of the adaptor).

- Black and red, with white Jitsie logo.

- 152.44g

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