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Jitsie Reverz 19'' Rear Tyre




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Description and materials
- New high quality 19” rear tyre from renowned Belgian brand Jitsie.
- This tyre has been specially designed for bike trials, and it’s been developed and tested for months by Jitsie team riders Dani Comas and Alejandro Montalvo.
- Uses a tread pattern exclusively designed by Jitsie, with rectangular knobs on the centre of the rolling surface and customized ones on the sides.
- Central knobs are as far away from the side ones as possible, which helps prevent mud from getting stuck between them.
- Furthermore, its medium profile helps keep a great compromise between durability and minimum rolling resistance.
- 50A compound hardness,which ensures maximum grip while still lasting long enough.
- Steel bead ensures the tyre stays locked onto the rim in all conditions.
- 2,6" (66mm) wide, compatible with most 19” rims available.
- Note: only the tyre is supplied. Does not include the rim or rim tape shown in the pictures.
- Black, with yellow and white Jitsie graphics.

- 19 inches
- Width: 2.60” (66mm)
- Hardness: 50A

- Black, with yellow and white Jitsie graphics.

- 760g (+/- 20g)

WEIGHT 0.760
WIDTH 1.90"
WIDTH 2.35"
WIDTH 1.95"
WIDTH 2.70"
WIDTH 2.00"
WIDTH 1/8"
WIDTH 2.60"
WIDTH 2.25"
WIDTH 2.10"
WIDTH 2.40"
WIDTH 2.125"
WIDTH 3/32"
WIDTH 2.50"
WIDTH 11/128"
WIDTH 2.20"

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