Magura HS33 2014 Brake Lever Expand

Magura HS33 2014 Brake Lever



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 Description and materials
- New Magura HS33 2014 hydraulic rim brake lever.
- This is the latest update of the HS33 brake by Magura, the most popular hydraulic rim brake in trials.
- Flip-flop design: the lever can be used on the right or on the left.
- The lever is made from Carbotecture, which makes it lighter and stronger, based on the famous 2005 HS33 design.
- New TPA design, also based on the 2005 model, but now situated behind the lever for more effectiveness. 
- Now you can adjust the distance between the lever blade and the handlebar by tightening or loosening the bolt located at the front of the lever body, simply using a Torx key.
- The lever comes with a new split bar clamp, with 2 bolts instead of 1, which means you can take the lever off without removing the grips!
- New lever blade, now lighter and with a new, more comfortable shape.
- Important note: all bolts are very fragile, so they must be tightened smoothly with an adecuate Torx key. Thread damage caused by over-tightening won’t be covered under guaranty.
- Two options available: with a 2-finger lever (100mm) or with a 4-finger lever (120mm).
- Available in black, with silver handlebar clamp.

- Black body, with white HS33 graphics
- Silver clamp

Options available
- Flip-flop design (left/right)

- 88g (2-finger version) and 90g (4-finger version)

Additional information
This brake comes with a 5 years leak proof warranty (subject to online registration on Magura's website).


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