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Magura MT5 Disc Brake – Magura brakes for bikes

  • Magura MT5 disc brake, with Carbotecture brake lever and one-piece, 4-piston high-performance disc brake caliper.

Description and materials
- Magura MT5 hydraulic disc brake.
- The Magura MT5 brake offers great brake performance, thanks to its ultralight Carbotecture lever and one-piece, 4-piston caliper.
- That’s why the Magura MT5 disc brake offers outstanding performance for bike trials, MTB, endure, gravity, trail, street, etc.
- Flip-flop lever made of ultralight, high-strength Carbotecture, with aluminium lever blade and 2-bolt Carbotecture handlebar clamp.
- 2-finger, ergonomic lever blade.
- The lever reach can be adjusted thanks to a Torx T25 bolt.
- High-performance 4-piston disc brake caliper, with Post Mount disc brake mounts, made from a single piece of aluminium alloy, increasing stiffness and bite.
- High performance brake pad compound.
- The magnetiXchange technology eases brake pad replacement and ensures they are kept in place under all conditions.
- Magura Disctube hose with specific properties to help improve lever feel.
- Supplied fully bled with Magura Royal Blood mineral oil, with 2160mm long brake hose (aprox.), ready to use (does not include a rotor or adaptors). You can also choose a custom hose length with our brake hose shortening service.

- Complete Magura MT5 hydraulic disc brake, with:
· Magura MT5 brake lever.
· Magura MT5 disc brake caliper.
· Magura Disctube 2160mm long hose (aprox.).
· Magura MT5 disc brake pads, already installed.
· 2x steel bolts for the handlebar clamp.
· 2x steel bolts for the caliper.
- Does not include a disc brake rotor or adaptors.

- Black lever and lever blade, polished black anodized caliper.

- 268g

Additional Information
You can find more information about the Magura MT5 disc brake on the official Magura website.

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