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Magura MT7 PRO Disc Brake

  • MT7 Pro disc brake developed by the prestigious German brand Magura.
  • Combination of Carbotecture SL material (patented by Magura) together with a caliper with 4 independent pistons.

- The brake lever is 100 mm long and made of aluminium alloy.
- The lever is reversible, it is suitable for both the right and left hand.
- Features 2 adjustment dials that allow you to customize the lever reach and bite point independently and without tools.
- 2-bolt handlebar clamp allows you to install/remove the brake without needing to remove the grips.
- 2200 mm long PVC brake hose, long enough to be used for both front and rear brakes.
- Ergonomic HC 1 finger brake lever.
- The brake caliper is cast from a single piece of high-strength aluminium alloy.
- Post Mount system, compatible with the vast majority of Post Mount frames and forks on the market (the caliper rests vertically on the fork).
- 4 independent pistons ensure instant, powerful and stable braking.
- MagnetiXchange brake piston for easy pad change.
- The brake is supplied with original Magura brake pads.
- The product includes a detailed instruction manual, all the bolts required for assembly and accessories to shorten the hose to the desired length without having to re-bleed the brake. We also offer you the option of adding a custom hose cutting service here.
- Supplied without brake rotor and adapter.

Magura part number: 2702431


  • 1 x Magura MT7 Pro disc brake, ready for mounting, filled and bleeding.
  • 1 x pair of Magura 8.P brake pads.
  • 2 x Magura HS33 Olive.
  • 2 x Magura Disc Hose Insert.
  • 2 x Magura bolts M5x15
  • 4 x Magura washer
  • 1 x Magura Manual
  • 1 x Magura sticker kit

Compatible with:
- Magura MT7 disc brake pads.
- Most Post Mount frames and forks.

- In case you need to bleed the brake, mineral oil must be used. You mustn’t use DOT fluid or any other fluid.

- Black lever body and lever blade.
- Anodized mystic silver caliper.
- Fluro yellow bore caps and Magura MT7 graphics.

- 278.24 g.

TYPE Post Mount

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