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Model .
 6000 LLB
 6800 LLB
 6802 LLB
 6900 LLB
 6902 LLB
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High quality, sealed, ceramic bearing.

  • They offer reduced friction and a much smoother spin.
  • Increased sealing and durability.

Description and materials
- High quality ceramic bearing manufactured by multinational brand Union.
- Each bearing is made according to the ABEC-5 international standard, which ensures the most precise dimensional accuracy and top manufacturing quality.
- This helps achieve a much better performance when compared to most standard sealed bearings available.
- The rings are made of high-strength, hardened CrMo steel.
- The balls are made of silicon nitride Si3N4, a ceramic compound with higher wear resistance that offers a much more sustained spin.
- Balls are lubricated using special Multemp PS2 grease.
- Each bearing has its own contact-less, double rubber seal (LLB) which reduces friction and keeps dirt out of the bearing.
- Available in 5 different sizes.
- Sold individually.

- For 15mm axle:
· 6802 LLB ceramic bearing: Ø15x24x5mm
· 6902 LLB ceramic bearing: Ø15x28x7mm

- For 10mm axle:
· 6000 LLB ceramic bearing: Ø10x26x8mm
· 6800 LLB ceramic bearing: Ø10x19x5mm
· 6900 LLB ceramic bearing: Ø10x22x6mm

- Silver and blue

- 5.92g (6802 LLB), 13.02g (6902 LLB), 16.08g (6000 LLB),  4.84g (6800 LLB) and 8.10g (6900 LLB)

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