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TrialBikes Team V2 Shinguards

Description and materials
- TrialBikes Team V2 shinguards, designed in Spain and developed for months by our TrialBikes Team riders.
- Multiple improvements have been introduced:
· New neoprene fabric is stronger and more flexible.
· Perforations have been removed to increase durability and prevent eliminate weak spots.
· New, longer Velcro straps suit any leg shape.
· Wider, stronger seams keep the Velcros in place and ensure a firm, safe adjustment.
- Featuring D30 smart foam, a material which is light, flexible and strong: when subject to an impact, it’s able to absorb energy and recover its initial shape.
- Rectangular front protection has large dimensions and two layers: a plastic protector and a D30 smart foam protector.
- Thanks to the inner pocket, you can swap the two protectors or wear both at the same time.
- All 4 Velcro straps are now longer to ensure better adjustment for any leg shape.
- Anti-slip silicon bands on the top and bottom cuffs prevent any movement while riding.
- New TrialBikes Team silicon graphics which ensure higher durability.

- 5 sizes available: 3XS, 2XS, S, M-L and XL.

- 3XS (22.5cm length)
- 2XS (23.5cm length)
- S (26.5cm length)
- M-L (31cm length)
- XL (33cm length)
Note: these dimensions refer to the total length of the shinguards. Check your leg’s length by measuring 1 finger above the ankle up to 1 finger below the knee.

Washing Instructions
- Cold wash is recommended
- Do not iron, bleach nor centrifuge
- Hang out to dry

- Three finishes available:
· Black, with white TrialBikes silicon graphics.
· Black, with red edges and white TrialBikes silicon graphics.
· Black, with orange edges and white TrialBikes silicon graphics.

- 149.90g (3XS), 167.92g (2XS), 201.25g (S), 261.15 (M-L) and 278.15g (XL), including 2 protectors (plastic and D30 foam).

Additional information
TrialBikes shin guards are designed to achieve maximum comfort and protection, and this is why they are made with light, breathable materials.
To wash the shin guards, the plastics in the internal pocket need to be taken out.
To get the perfect the perfect adjustment, you need to take the internal plastic and carefully bend it until getting a leg-shaped curve.
The shin guards are supplied with the protector plastic and a D30 foam layer, you can choose to use both, one or none of them according to your preferences.

Is the price €18,00 for 2 pieces? Or we have to select 2 item? Thanks.
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Hola buenas tardes. Vais a tener pronto , de todas las tallas y colores ??? Un saludo y gracias .
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Jordi L. el día 2020-04-06 Gran producto, comodo y efectivo, Solo que las cintas deberian ser un poco mas largas en la talla M-L.
Maite B. el día 2020-03-19 de largo perfecto, pero de ancho mal, y es un niño de 12 años
Nora G. el día 2020-01-30 Los velcros son cortos.para los que tenemos gemelos voluminosos
ALICIA T. el día 2020-01-22 Creo que la relación talla/velcro no es correcta, el velcro es demasiado pequeño