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Description and materials
- New high quality Clean X2 162mm disc brake rotor from Spanish brand Clean, owned by Multi-time UCI World Champion Abel Mustieles.
- Specially developed for trials and tested by Clean team riders Sebas Ruiz, Joacin Nymann and Abel Mustieles himself.
- Made from an exclusive steel alloy developed by Clean, that’s been studied in detail to provide the best braking properties.
- Minimalistic design, with thin central arms and a wide braking surface to redistribute the rotor’s weight in order to optimize its strength and braking performance.
- Its reinforced reticular construction helps deal with axial and radial stress much more efficiently.
- Features a central nerve in the middle of the braking surface, which helps improve overall performance.
- Furthermore, its 162mm diameter (instead of 160mm) ensures the brake pad sits completely onto the braking surface, making the most of it at all times.
- Standard 6-bolt ISO fitting.
- Compatible with most disc brakes available.
- Can be used as a front or rear brake rotor.
- Available in silver, with laser etched info and direction of rotation on the central arms.
- Available in 160mm and 162mm diameter.

- External diameter: 160mm (front) and 162mm (trasero) 
- Thickness: 2mm
- Maximum braking surface: 20mm

- Available in silver, with laser etched info and direction of rotation on the central arms.

- 81.42g (160mm) and 109.76g (162mm)

Additional Information
It’s recommended to bed in the rotor by making a smooth use of it before riding trials. By braking multiple times, the material in the pads and rotor will gradually heat up, reaching a temperature that allows material transference between pads and rotor’s surface.

538250160mm (front brake) or 162mm (rear brake)
538160160mm (front brake) or 162mm (rear brake)

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