Monty ProRace 135.9 2016 Freewheel Expand

Monty ProRace 135.9 2016 Freewheel



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Description and materials
- High quality freewheel developed by original Spanish brand Monty, new for their 2016 ProRace range.
- The main update is the use of 135 engagement points, which means it’s a considerable improvement in respect to current freewheel with 72, 108 or 120 engagement points.
- This has been achieved by using 9 high-strength, heat treated steel pawls, offset into 3 groups of 45 engagement points each, providing 135 engagement points per revolution.
- The common 4-pocket removal system has been replaced by a multi-pocket pattern, as in most bottom brackets, so it can be removed with a standard ISIS BB tool.
- Standard 1.37”x24tpi thread, so it’s compatible with most threaded hubs and cranks.
- Oversized springs help increase reliability and durability.
- Sealed construction keeps all the mud and dirt out of the inner mechanism.
- Available with 16 or 18 teeth.
- Rust Proof grey finish, with orange laser etched Monty ProRace graphics.

- 16 and 18 teeth
- 9 pawls
- 135 engagement points
- Tooth width: 2.2mm
- Total width: 17mm

- Rust Proof grey finish, with orange laser etched Monty ProRace graphics.

- 161.08g (16 teeth) and 174g (18 teeth)

Additional information
It is highly recommended to bed in the freewheel for a few hours before riding trials, to make sure any excess grease works away from the freewheel and the pawls work correctly.
If you want to speed up the process, just apply some oil between the outer teeth and the centre of the freewheel.
If you don’t bed in the freewheel before trials use, it won’t work correctly and will skip, therefore damaging the pawls and ratchet.
Damage occurred to the freewheel because of inappropriate use will void the guarantee.


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