Racing Line MY17 Nano28 Rim Brake Lever Expand

Racing Line MY17 Nano28 Rim Brake Lever



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Description and materials
- Updated version of the ultralight Racing Line hydraulic rim brake lever, now with a new design and multiple improvements.
- Developed and tested for months by the Racing Line team riders Giacomo Coustellier and Hannes Herrmann.
- Both the lever body and lever blade are all 100% CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminium alloy.
- Being the Nano28# version, it uses a 13mm diameter lever piston, which provides up to 20% more braking power than 14mm pistons.
- New design of the handlebar clamp, which now uses two reversed bolts in order to prevent leg damage when riding.
- 120mm Racing Line CNC lever blade, stiffer and stronger.
- The lever is reversible, so it can be installed for the right or left hand.
- Uses high quality O-rings manufactured in Italy, which ensure a durable sealing.
- Featuring ultralight, grade-5 titanium fittings, handlebar clamp bolts, lever pivot bolt and bleed bolts.
- The piston, TPA wheel and pin are CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminium alloy, which helps save even more weight.
- The lever reach can be adjusted thanks to a bolt located at the front of the lever blade, using an Allen key.
- Sold individually.

Compatible with:
- All kinds of hydraulic rim brake cylinders from Echo and Magura.
- Mineral brake fluid.

- Three options available:
          · Anodized red lever, anodized black lever blade and gold Ti fittings and hardware.
          · Anodized black lever, anodized black lever blade and rainbow Ti fittings and hardware.
          · Anodized silver lever, anodized black lever blade and rainbow Ti fittings and hardware.
- Anodized red piston, TPA wheel and pin.
- Racing Line graphics on the lever body and blade, in silver.

- Only 89g!

Additional Information
When bleeding the brake, it’s important not to use DOT brake oil. Mineral oil must be used, and it’s highly recommended to follow the steps provided by the manufacturer, as shown in this video:

WEIGHT 0.890

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