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Description and materials
- New Echo TR hydraulic disc brake lever, updated for the 2015 season.
- Unlike other disc brakes (like many Hope, Avid or Shimano brakes), the Echo TR disc brake features a closed system, like most rim brakes, which eases bleeding it allows for easier adjustment of the bite point.
- Exclusive Echo TR lever design, made from a single piece of high quality 6061-T6 CNC aluminium alloy.
- Features a reversible lever, so it can be used as a right-hand or left-hand brake.
- The TPA adjuster is also made from CNC mechanized aluminium, in anodized orange color, located between the lever blade and handlebar to ease its use.
- Every single component of this brake lever has been mechanized from high quality aluminium. 
- The piston stroke is done in a cylinder located perpendicular to the lever body, which features the bleed port and hose exit.
- 2-finger lever blade (85Xmm long), now stiffer and more comfortable, in anodized black color.
- This brake lever can be easily set up by using the M6 barbed fitting available here.
- Stunning finish, with anodized black lever body and silver Echo graphics, and orange TPA adjuster.
- Note: this brake lever can’t be used with the Echo TR rim brake nor with any other rim brake.

Essential information for an adequate use
The following pictures detail how the TPA adjuster must be used. Picture A) shows a correct position of the adjuster, with the piston inside the piston bore (with a 2mm gap approximately). Picture B) shows an inadequate position of the adjuster, with the piston not fully inserted into the piston bore, which may cause the brake to start leaking. Using the brake incorrectly (as shown in picture B) will invalidate the leak warranty.

- Anodized orange TPA adjuster.
- Anodized black lever body.
- Anodized silver piston cylinder.
- Silver etched Echo graphics.

- 77g

Additional Information
The brake must be bled with mineral oil only (never with DOT oil).

This lever is supplied with a 6-month warranty, which covers manufacturing defects. Any damage caused by an inadequate use, bleeding with water or DOT oil or unsealing will invalidate the warranty immediately.

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